Know what's funny? People who write things on the Internet, telling other people who write things on the Internet to check their privilege. Even funnier is watching them compare their levels of privilege. Now, there's a calculator to help them do it!

Meet the Privilege Calculator. Its mandate is described thusly:

[Privilege] is a status that is conferred by society to certain groups. It is often difficult to see one's own privilege. Take for example: if you are privileged, you are more likely to gain employment over someone who is oppressed. It is important to understand how society treats certain groups differently.

It certainly is! But it is also important to understand that the only people concerned with matters of privilege are the ones who are dwelling on the privilege they have. As opposed to doing anything about it, they usually just whip out their respective privilege and pray that it's the smallest.

With that in mind, here it how some of your favorite media people are scoring on the Privilege Calculator:

Erstwhile Gawker Mascot Andrew Krucoff: 215 ("Are you shitting me?")
Erstwhile Deadspinner/Grantland's Katie Bakes: 125
Andrew Krucoff, Take 2: 180 ("Sounds about right.")
Music Journalist Maura Johnston: 40
Flavorwire editor Tyler Coates: -15.
Music Writer Brad Nelson: 125.
Talking Points Memo homepage editor Zoe Schlanger: -110.
The Daily Beast's deputy social media editor Sam Schlinkert: 130.


For the record, I scored a 180!

[I also retook the test for Tyler—who scored a negative 15—and scored him at a 70, and that was with the "Social Autism" button checked, which I have no doubt half the people who take this test will check as a poor excuse for just being socially awkward. Being socially awkward doesn't make you less privileged. It makes you a fucking weirdo who needs to get out more. And Tyler isn't even that. Living on Krucoff's couch doesn't even count as "Social Autism."]

Obviously, the real fun here's gonna be figuring out who lied. Please note any new scores, we'll keep updating them here.